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Contests Win Matthew Mcconaugheys Autographed Surfboard

This advice is given away because Matthew has a new DVD / Blu-ray movie called Surfer Dude. New sponsorship demands Addington to expand into Virtual Reality Video Game and Reality TV. But in a twist of fate, the waves go flat. Sweet, man. Willing to participate in this new digital environment, he chose to spend his summer surfing his home break. Out of money, its costs canceled, and betrayed by his friends, Addington is backed into a corner hard. Win Matthew McConaugheys autographed Surfboard! Thats right in one of the coolest contest weve ever done here in EclipseMagazine. Com, were giving Matthews board. Hey fusion can be better? Synopsis Soulful Longboard surfer Steve Addington (McConaughey) returns to Malibu for summer to find his cool hometown vibe corrupted.
15.5.09 10:20


Revealing The Secrets Of American Idol

Here sa look at some of the most frequently asked questions on series. 13 for its seventh season, has generated billions of dollars in revenue, and was watched by millions of people, many of which are questions about some behind the scenes details of the number one show in U. American Idol which returns in January. S. Note that some of our responses are based on information from previous seasons, with American Idol 8 do a number of changes this year, there always the possibility that the exhibition and competitors experience could change.
15.5.09 10:20

Eva Longoria Quot Baby Fears

Eva Longoria has never made secret of the fact that she wants a family with husband Tony Parker. Tony and you are in despair because theyve been looking for a little time so far without success. Eva, 33, admitted last summer that was the hope of one day feel Pitter-pattern of small feet, saying, God will give us a son, when you hear the right time. Eva was convinced shed fell pregnant last summer and said Desperate Housewives creator Marc Cherry who was trying, a friend said hours. But that dream has not yet become a reality and failure has said that his heart.
15.5.09 10:20

Britney Quot Facebook Requires A Harvard Grad

Spears on-line manager has sent a list of jobs for Britney Spear 2.0 Media Manager at Harvard on a single board of private jobs, reports TechCrunch.. It could, however, be communicating with someone who is at the very least, very clever with a standard of proof and the number two pencil. Spoiler alert: If there is Britney Spear feed on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace page, and other electronic iterations, you could not really communicate with Britney Spear.
15.5.09 10:20

Secret Daughter Claim For Michael Jackson Brother Tito To Court

Tito is the brother of Michael and Janet and is the second oldest of the legendary Jackson Brother. Tanay claims Jackson, 55, began his visit regularly while he was in his teens. The brother of Michael Jackson is being sued by a girl who claims that is his secret daughter. The famous guitarist Jackson 5 has three grown children, Toriano Taryll and Tito Joseph, who formed the group 90 years of singing 3T, the report notes. He told me he was my father when I was 17, told the New York Post, according to a report of contact Music UK.
15.5.09 10:20


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